UCanSee Snellen Eye Chart Visual Acuity Chart (22x11 Inches) with Eye Occluder and Pointer for Eye Exams 20 Feet

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The Snellen chart is a standard tool used to assess visual acuity. The size of each optotype is meticulously designed following the one-minute visual angle principle, guaranteeing precise measurements for accurate vision testing.


Packing List

Snellen Chart x 1

Eye Occluder x 1

Pointer x 1

Double-Sided Tape x 4


  • Material and Durability: This vision chart is constructed from thick and robust PVC material, ensuring its toughness and waterproof properties. The matte finish effectively eliminates glare and reflections, creating an optimal testing environment for precise results.
  • Accurate Size and Design: Each optotype on the Snellen chart is meticulously designed according to the one-minute visual angle principle, guaranteeing precise measurements for accurate vision assessments. The incorporation of red and green color bars facilitates the evaluation of red-green color deficiency.
  • Convenient Testing Tools: It comes equipped with an eye patch and a pointer, enabling individual testing of the left and right eye. As the vision chart is rolled up for shipping, we recommend using our double-sided adhesive to affix it to the wall for convenient use.
  • Practical Mounting Recommendations: To ensure accurate testing, avoid direct sunlight or excessively dim areas, place it on a flat surface, and keep it vertical when mounting the visual acuity chart. Typically, for adults, the "20/20" line should be at eye level, but adjustments may be necessary for children. During the test, the subject stands 20 feet away from the chart.
  • Versatile Applications: This eye chart offers great versatility and is suitable for a wide range of settings. It plays a vital role in educational institutions, eye clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities where vision testing is essential.

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