How to making prescription glasses / spectacles?

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The following steps are showing how to making prescription glasses or spectacles.

1. Inspecting spectacles frame and prescription lenses according to the information on optometry prescription.


2. Making / Scanning Pattern, there are three methods:

A. Hand made pattern (for semi-auto lens edger)

Tools: knife, plier, file, template, pattern lens in frame, pattern drilling machine

B. Scanning pattern lens (for auto lens edger), saving parameters

Device: Pattern lens scanner

C. Scanning frame (for auto lens edger), saving parameters

Device: Frame scanner


3. Marking the “optical center” of the prescription lenses.

Device: Lensometer


4. Affixing adhesive tape and suction cup (blocker) on lenses.

Device: layout blocker


5. Setting parameters on lens edge machine, putting lens then cutting and edging lenses to final shape automatically.

For semi-auto edger machine, needs to install pattern lens firstly.

For pattern less edger machine, upload pattern scanning parameters.

Device: Auto Lens edge machine.


6. After automatically edging, use hand grinder polishing or beveling, then washing and drying lenses.

Device: hand grind machine


7. Assembling the Frame and Lenses, there are there kinds frames:

A. For Full frame, place lenses in frame and adjust

B. For Half frame, using lens slotted machine making groove for assembling. (If the auto lens edger has slot function, this step is no need.)

Device: lens slotted machine

C. For Rimless frame, using lens drilling machine to make holes for assembling.

Device: lens drilling machine


8. Checking the complete spectacles and adjust.

A. Checking lenses appearance, verifying optical center and confirming lens power with prescription.

Device: Lensometer

B. Adjusting complete glasses, like temples angle.

Device: eyeglass heater for acetate frame, adjust pliers, screwdrivers


9. Using ultrasonic cleaners to wash the complete eyeglass and drying with eyeglasses cloth then packing in spectacle case.

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