Auto Refractor Autorefractor Refractometer Keratometry with 3D Tracking and Auto Focus 10.4” Color LCD Screen CE FDA Certification

  • $5,680.00


  • 10.4” Colour LCD screen with adjustable display angle

This product has a larger, high-quality monitor with an icon-display menu for easy operation and settings. The screen can be tilted and swivelled continuously, making it convenient to place anywhere in an examination area. The flexible layout and space-saving design contribute to improved efficiency.

  • 3D tracking and autofocus

By simply rotating the device to any position, it automatically focuses on the eye and provides a measurement. When the person being measured appears on the screen, touching the center of the pupil will cause the nose to automatically move to the pupil center and focus. The system will then start automatic measurement.

  •  Refractive measurement with hexagonal prism

This product has a high-quality hexagonal prism and a highly sensitive CCD, providing unmatched accuracy and reliability. It can measure Vertex distance: 0mm, 12mm, 13.75mm, 15mm; Spherical: -25~+20D (VD=12) 0.12/0.25 Step; Cylinder: -8~+8D 0.12/0.25D Step; Axis: 0-180° 1°Step.

  •  Keratometer function

This product can measure both refractometer and keratometer. The printed results display the sphericity, cylinder, and axis of your eye, as well as the diopter, curvature radius, and axis of the cornea.

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How to measure

Automatic Measurement Mode


  • Tap to select the measurement mode as "Automatic" measurement mode (A), and "Auto" will appear on the screen.
  • Once the person's pupil is visible on the screen, tap on the center of the pupil. This will cause the nose to automatically move towards the center of the pupil, focus, and then the system will start measuring automatically.
  • In the automatic measurement mode, once the measurement for one eye is completed, the nose will automatically move to the center of the pupil of the other eye to complete the automatic measurement. (Note: The system should select both eyes when setting the eye measurement mode.)
  • After the automatic measurement is completed, the measurement results will be displayed on the screen, and it is possible to print the measurement results.

Manual Measurement Mode

  • Press to choose the measurement mode as MANUAL measurement mode (M), and the screen will display "Manual".
  • Press the key on the screen for the right eye. The left eye key selects the corresponding eye of the patient, and the orange key icon shows the current measurement position. To illustrate, let's say we are measuring the right eye.
  • Once the measured pupil appears in the monitoring area, press the center of the pupil image in the monitoring area, and the nose will move to the center of the pupil.
  • Watch for the target ring in the monitoring area and press it. Use the head/back key to adjust the position of the head to make the target clear. The green cross will appear in the brightest and clearest ring, indicating that the focus is complete.


It is advised to test each eye thrice. If the three measurements taken with the same eye show significant differences, a fresh measurement is required.






User’s manual


Print paper


Dust cover


Power cord




Cleaning cloth


Hexagonal wrench






Range of measurement

Sphere (SPH)

-25 ~ +20 D (VD=12 mm); 0.12/0.25 D step

Cylinder (CYL) 

-8 ~ +8 D; 0.12/0.25 D step


0 ~180°; 1° step

Pupil Distance(PD)

5 ~ 90 mm; 1 mm step

Vertex Distance(VD)

0 mm, 12 mm, 13.75 mm, 15mm

Min. Pupil Size

Dia. 2 mm

Cylinder Form

-, +, ±



Radius of Curvature

5.0 ~ 10 mm (Increment: 0.01 mm)

Corneal Power

33.75 ~ 67.50 D
(When corner equivalent refractive index is 1.337)
(Increment selectable from 0.12, 0.25 D)

Corneal Astigmatism

0.0 ~ 8.00 D(Increment selectable from 0.12, 0.25 D)


0 ~180° (Increment: 1°)

Corneal Diameter

2.0 ~ 15.0 mm (Increment: 0.1 mm)

Memory of data

10 measure value for each right and left eye






Followed-up colorful fogging chart system


10.4" Color LCD


Thermal Printer

Power Supply

AC 100 - 240 V, 50Hz 60VA


57mm thermal printer

Serial Interface

USB, RS-232C, bluetooth, WIFI, 4G


332 × 479 ×654 mm

Net Weight

25 kg(56lb)

Package Size

71 × 71 × 53 cm

Gross Weight

30 kg

Measured Light





Auto or Manual

Hexagon Prism



ISO 9000, CE, FDA


1 year


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