Auto Lensmeter with Printer - 7'' New Touch Screen - PD, PH, UV, Lens diameter, PCL - RS232 serial port, Bluetooth, USB, WIFI - FDA Certification

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Auto Lensmeter

This type auto lensometer with capacitive touch screen, high resolution, can be measured PD, PH, UV, Lens Diameter, PCL and so on, it also has printing function. FDA and CE Certification and one year warranty.

Product Features

      • Simple Graphical UI
      • Built-in thermal printer
      • Hartmann Sensors
      • Auto memory and screensaver
      • Function: It can measure SPH, CYL, AXIS, ADD, Prism Power, PD, PH, UV, Lens Diameter and PCL (Progressive Channel Length). And the wavelength of UV and green light can be measured simultaneously.
      • Types of measurable lenses: single vision lenses, bifocal/trifocal lenses, progressive lens and contact lens (can automatically recognize single and progressive lens)
      • 7" TFT LCD screen: It can be tilted, 40-90 ° adjustable, and the new capacitive touch panel has high resolution.
      • The form of data communication: RS232 serial port, Bluetooth, USB and WIFI.
      • Superior quality: Better performance, finer marking pens and lens holder, magnetic and stable sliding nose piece.
      • Certification and warranty: FDA, CE certification and one year warranty

JD-2600D vs. JD-2600A vs. D-910

JD-2600A is an auto lensometer with good comprehensive performance, which can measure SPH, CYL, AXIS, ADD, Prism, PD, PH, UV. Its data communication form is RS232 serial port.

Although the configuration of JD-2600D is slightly lower than JD-2600A, as a basic model, it can basically meet daily measurement needs. Apart from minor differences in appearance, screen quality, and machine material, the JD-2600D does not provide a Pupil Height (PH) measurement compared to the JD-2600A in terms of functionality.

D-910 is a fully upgraded version of JD-2600A. The basic measurement function and measurable lens types of JD-2600A are supported by the D-910. At the same time, the D-910 has better performance, better display screen, higher measurement accuracy, and more optional data communication methods.

Screen quality and machine material: JD-2600D<JD-2600A<D-910 

 SKU Display Measurement Data communication
JD-2600D 7"
LCD touch display screen
SPH, CYL, AXIS, ADD, Prism, PD, UV RS232 serial port
JD-2600A 7"
LCD touch display screen
SPH, CYL, AXIS, ADD, Prism, PD, UV, PH RS232 serial port
D-910 7"
New capacitive touch screen with high resolution
SPH, CYL, AXIS, ADD, Prism, PD, UV, PH, Lens Diameter and PCL  RS232 serial port

You can choose according to your needs.


Model D-910
Measurement Range
Sphere  0 ~ ±25 D,0.01/0.12/0.25 D step
Cylinder ~ ±9.99 D,0.01/0.12/0.25 D step
Axis 0 ~ 180° (1° step)
Add. ~ +9.99 D,0.01/0.12/0.25 D step
Prism degree ~ 15 D,0.01/0.12/0.25 D step
Measurement Mode 
Cylinder  +, -, ±
Prism X_Y, P-B 
Contact lens soft/hard lens
Measuring mode single lens/progressive lens/contact lens (automatic recognition)
Diameter of lens Φ12 ~ Φ112 mm 
PD 40  90 mm, 0.5 mm steps 
Speed of measurement 0.1 s
Light source LED Green Source
ABBE Value  30 ~ 60, no need  to set 

7" TFT LCD Tilting Touch Screen

new capacitive touch screen with high resolution

Printer Thermal Printer
Data communication RS232 serial port,Bluetooth, USB and WIFI
Dimension 180  x 255 x 455 mm
Package 620  x 390  x 390 mm 
Weight 12kg
Power supply AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz


      • Printer paper
      • Spare fuses
      • Dust cover
      • Glasses cloth
      • Lens support (for contact lens)
      • User's manual
      • Ink (not available in air transport)
      • Power cord

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