Optical Digital PD Ruler Pupilometer Interpupillary Distance Tester

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Digital PD Ruler Pupilometer

PD meter is a precision optical instrument used to measure distance between pupils. Learn more about Pupillary Distance



Clear optical line, precise optical structure, and measurement.

Display the results of two eyes separately.

Easy operation and fast measure.

Auto power off and memory function save energy and meanwhile ensure the data won't lose.

Monocular measure is also available.



Power Battery: DC 12 V; 23 A; 5 W

Dimension: 215 x 122 x 44 mm

Weight: 0.2 kg


More option

1.Precise optical structure and measurement.
2.Display the results of Monocular PD, total PD and VD
3.Adjust the visual distance from 30cm to ∞.
4.Set the brightness of LED lamp, time of automatic power-off and the precision of measurement

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