266 pcs Trial Lens Set Kit PU Case Grade A

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Product features

  • 266 pcs glass trial lenses
  • metal rim
  • 36mm inner diameter, 38mm outer diameter
  • Portable PU leather case 
  • A free trial frame as a back up

Product description 

This trial lens set contains 266 pcs of lenses, including 160 spherical lenses, 80 cylindrical lenses,12 prisms, and 12 accessories.

Specific Lens

Spheres: 40 pairs each of concave and convex

0.25D to 6.00D in 0.25 steps

6.50D to 10.00D in 0.50 steps

11.00D to 15.00D in 1.00 steps

16.00D to 20.00D in 2.00 steps

Cylinders: 20 pairs each of concave and convex

0.25D to 4.00D in 0.25 steps

4.50D to 6.00D in 0.50 steps

Prisms: 12 pieces

0.5 (2), 1.0-10.0(1)

Accessories:14 pieces


Cross cylinder: 0.25(1), 0.5(1)


Case Size:   23.2" * 13.8" * 2.8" / 59 cm * 35 cm * 7 cm

Inner Size: 20.9" * 12.4" * 1.3" / 53.2 cm * 31.5 cm * 3.3 cm



The trial frame coming with the trial set is just a free gift with a specific PD value. The PD value might not be as shown in the picture, it can be 64, 66 or others. If you need trail frame, please refer this link:

Multi-function Trial Frame

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  • Is the set new Can I get the set in PLUS cylinder Can you remove the tray from the carrying case and put the tray in a draw? Cost of shipping?

    Hi, this trial lens is brand new.
    There are 2 JCC inside.
    Yes, the tray can been got out and put in a draw, the tray size is 20.9"(L)*12.4(W)"*1.3"(H). It is free shipping to USA mainland.

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