Optical Eyeglasses Semi-Automatic Lens Edger Grinding Machine

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1.This automatic lens edger machine can be selected suitable grinding wheel to process the lens according to the material of lens; Used for CR, Glass lens, not for PC lens.

2. Size Adjustment: When the grinding wheel works normally or wears out, the size can be automatically adjusted by computer control and the adjustment size can be accurate to 0.05 mm.

3. Effective use of grinding wheel: To prolong the life of grinding wheel, it will adopt the pattern of left-and-right moving for rough grinding.

4. Can pause the process and return to the initial location by press the STOP button;

5. Automatically clip the lens, the press is in 1-2-3 steps and can adjust the press freely;

6. Cooling water omnidirectional jetting;

7. It is more convenient to move the template upwards and downwards.

8. Swift lens polishing makes the lens fringe as bright as a mirror.


Model CP-2012C
Edging Diameter 18 - 80cm
Edging Clamp Force 0.45 - 1.10 Mpa
Grinding Wheel Diameter 100 mm
Grinding Linear Velocity 16.7 m/s
Input Voltage AC 110 V, 60 Hz
AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Power 420 W
Working Environment 5°C - 40°C
Dimensions 475 x 530 x 418 mm
Weight 50 kg


1 x CP-2012C

1 x Cabinet

1 x Tank

1 x Suction cup

1 x Dressing stick

1 x Hex wrench

1 x Tape cup

1 x Standard template

1 x Standard gauge

1 x Fuse

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