36 W LED Medical Exam Lamp Wall Light Hanging Shadowless Lamp

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36 W wall hanging medical exam lamp with shadowless LED light, easily adjustable. Used in medical and dental environments for examination.


A standard piece of equipment when it comes to surgical, medical or dental examination is the hanging, rotatable ceiling lamp. Being useful through their adjustability, they provide light and vision in those places where normal lamps could not.

The KD-2012D-1 leads in its practicality. It is highly flexible (rotatable in all joints), which provides good mobility, granting versatility to the lamp.  The cold, high-brightness light of up to 40000Lux, which is shadowless, is provided by 12 LED lamps, each having the power of 3W. The examiner ( a surgeon or a dentist) is also able to adjust the power of the light, so that it can fit any situation. 

High effectiveness and functionality is provided by the lamp’s mobility and adjustability to many different power supply voltages (it works with voltages ranging from 90V all the way up to 240V). 

These lamps are mostly used in outpatient service, dentistry, ENT, gynecology and general surgery departments. Aside from these, this lamp can find an application in many other medical fields, thanks to its usefulness.

CE & ISO Certificated


1. LED illumination, cold light, high brightness; 

2. Function: Lifting and mobile function, brightness adjustable, wide range voltage, matched with a handle;

3. Application: Outpatient service, stomatology, ENT, gynaecology, general surgery department;

4. Shortage: Halo formation.


Model KD-2012D-1
Voltage 90 - 240 VAC
Lamp Power LED 12 x 3 W (9 white ones, 3 yellow ones)
C.T. 5500 ± 500 K
Lamp Life 50000 h
Illumination 40000 Lux
Net Weight 8.0 kg
Package Size 800 × 420 × 270 mm3


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